How to make investor LOVE your startup?
Free webinar for startups and entrepreneurs,
who want to find an investor and attract his interest.

Date and time:
15th March 2017,
18.00 Central European time

We will discuss
what to prepare before meeting the investor
how to make a pitch
what questions to get prepared to
what to present to the investor to attract his interest and make the great impression
You will be able to
After the webinar you will get understanding of what the investor is waiting from you in reality
make an excellent pitch
answer tough / uncomfortable questions

demonstrate professional approach and commitment
to success
make investor believe in your project & idea
Ekaterina Voronova
marketing specialist,
co-founder and CMO at InnMind

Ekaterina has background in market analysis and strategic marketing. Ekaterina now specialises in evaluation of startups' competitors and market evaluation and prepares startups for a pitch and communication with investors.
Nelli Orlova
serial entrepreneur,
co-founder and CEO at InnMind

Nelli has a big experience in starting and developing a business, fundraising in innovative ventures and technology transfer. Nelli is analysing startups' business models, evaluates projects and communicates with investors.

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FREE WEBINAR on 15th of March 2017, 18.00 CET
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Webinar is organised by InnMind,
global startups and investors direction.
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About our webinars
Starting own business is always scary and exciting. Luckily, there are professionals, like Olga, who ready to share their experience. It was helpful, informative and inspiring. Thank you. And special thanks to InnMind for organizing the webinar.
Kristina Totsilina
Tips were sensible, material was easy and clear, which is especially valuable for those who aren't professionals in marketing. Special thanks to Inmind team for the organization, without you we would not see anything and don't meet Olga as well.
Vanda Osipova
As always a great webinar! Olya pushed to many thoughts! Qualitatively, rich, structured. Thank you!
Maria Boicova-Wynants
Very useful and informative webinar! Everything is clear and accessible, ready to practice. Thank you!
Kseniya Pushkarenko