User experience
and applied neuromarketing

Webinar 1:
How do products lose money:
user experience outside of the digital space
and importance of being clear to your users.

Webinar 2:
Points of contact between product and its users
and their senses — applied neuromarketing

Date and time:
1st and 8th March 2017,
18.00 Central European time

This series of webinars will help you either if you are just starting your business or have already a mature startup. It's based on the deep and psychological understanding of the consumer behavior and on many years of experience in designing useful and easy-to-use projects and products.
Webinar#1 on 1st March 2017 at 18.00 Central European time

How do products lose money: user experience outside of the digital space and importance of being clear to your users.
The most important thing is how users feel using or interacting with your product and certainly not just about how it looks or how it is designed.

Consumers should have the shortest and easiest way to buy your product or to get to any other results that you want. Always think about the user experience in this respect.

You will know
fundamental techniques of user experience
meaning of user experience
user experience design
how you can apply it to your business
User Experience is all about impressions and emotions.
How is it related to your product or business?
Is 'don't make me think' an efficient design conception?
All consumers are overloaded with information,
how do you get to them?
Conclusion: even great product by itself is not enough
without well-prepared user experience.
Webinar#2 on 8th March 2017 at 18.00 Central European time

Points of contact between product and its users and their senses
— applied neuromarketing
Neuromarketing is a field that claims to apply the principles of neuroscience to marketing research, studying consumers' sensorimotor, cognitive, and affective response to marketing stimuli.
You will understand
how consumers or visitors are making decisions
how they feel while using your product or service
Definitions of the points of contact or touchpoints.

Addressing user's senses in different points of contact. How important unconscious is and how to call to different senses.
How indirect senses could affect overall impression (complex combinations).

Brief Q&A session: applying to particular business cases
Short ideas on most interesting webinar attendees' questions.
Alexander Pichugin
Master of Applied IT in Management
Bachelor in Information Security
Co-Founder and CTO at Great Crew
"Traditional approach to information design combined with natural technological mindset provided me with a unique sense of how to design solutions best for both easiness of development and perfect user experience.
I started my way in digital design projects 14 years ago within the publishing house, where perfection and subtleness of visual presentation are joined. I mastered that experience throughout the years of work in enterprise-level software development companies and creative advertising agencies in Moscow, doing everything from dirty jobs such as manual image retouch and content filling to high-level planning of information architecture, user-experience design and team recruitment and management, to craft perfect solutions that solve objectives"

Maria Chichenkova
Master of Developmental Psychology including neuroscience
Co-Founder and CEO at Great Crew
I'm the professional in combining psychology, psycholinguistics, neuromarketing and design at Great Crew — digital design communication.
For 9 years I have been working with projects and clients of different size and complexity, such as: System Design of City Crowdsourcing Platform for Yakutsk Town Hall, Financial Advisor Service for Independent Investors, Internal System Projects for Government Institutions, UX/UI Design for Software and Game Development companies, Brand Identity and Online Stores for diverse companies, Websites for Architectural Studios and others, Internal System for Masterpieces Gallery, Visual Identity and Print Design, all kind of projects for Small Companies and Entrepreneurs.
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You will be able to easily apply the
techniques to your business

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