Special Outstanding Service for Startups
We help innovative startups to find and fix weak points, raise investment and launch the product
Who we are?
InnMind is an international company, founded in Switzerland and acting in over 40 countries worldwide. We work with a huge pool of investors, venture capital firms and business angels, helping them with startups expertise and projects selection process. We know exactly all the milestones and criteria which are important for investors.

Unfortunately, many startups are not selected by investors and not ready for fundraising irrespectively of their great idea and huge potential. Very often that happens because they don't know how to present their project for investors or how to transform the idea into profitable business. We help them with these issues.

Why we're the best choice?

Experience - knowledge of the market - reputation
involvement - networking - results
Expertise & networking
There are over 400 investors of different types and over 900 experts in various fields on InnMind!
We have a wide network of target professionals, industry experts who complement our competences in different business aspects.
We engage all of them when it is necessary to reach the best results..
Personalised approach
Most of the startups face common problems, make typical mistakes and have similar drawbacks. But each of them is unique.
We consider and analyse every small detail of your startup development, and propose solutions which suit ideally your exact case.
We are not just mentors / coaches.
We don't give advice without control of the results.
During our work on your project we become a part of your team, participating in brainstorming, supporting and controlling the execution part, sharing our network and making you reach the results.
you know that

All startups need to make their business work!

And we know perfectly how to do it ☺ That is why we designed special services for startups, focused on the most important issues needed to be solved:
Find an Investor
Access to financial resources is essentially important for many startups. Fundraising is a specific direction which includes right contacts with target investors, well designed investment presentation and pitch
Design business model and write a business plan
Many startup founders fail to make a well-designed business model and write a comprehensive business plan. This is something that should be done in a professional way
Build marketing strategy
Product launch, sales strategy, business growth and entry to the new markets - all this is impossible without a marketing strategy and marketing plan
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What do we specialise in:

We consider every request individually, analysing your business problems and developing the strategies to solve them. We are glad to share with you some of the most common requests and demanded services, provided for startups:
Preparation for fundraising
For those startups who are looking for funding, we provide the following support:
- Audit, corrections and improvement of the Business Plan, Financial Plan and Business Model;
- Support in preparation of the package of the documents for investors;
- Preparation of the project presentation and the pitch;
- Connection with investors;
- Support in negotiations with investors and the final deal preparation.
Business concept design
For the founders of early-stage startups who are lacking competences in the development of a detailed business concept, we provide the following support:
- Product analysis, market analysis, competition analysis;
- Customer development. Research on customer needs to strengthen the product features and market positioning;
- Determination of risks and weaknesses, plan for their correction and reduction;
- Financial plan and business model design;
- Marketing strategy design;
- Team evaluation, improvement of internal communication and business processes.
Support in market entry
For the startups who prepare for product launch and market entry, we provide the following support:
- Marketing strategy audit, correction, improvement and execution support, including design of the key message and product positioning;
- Competitive analysis and competition strategy design;
- Sales strategy design;
- Analysis of the target audience and determination of the most effective distribution channels;
- Team strengthening.
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What will you get?

Clear understanding of the business processes
You'll get the working business model and clear plan of its realisation.
Target positioning
Your product value will be underlined and delivered to the customers, and your project potential will be clearly presented to investors.
Packed product, ready for fundraising
Our project will be turned inside out, analyzed, looked at under a microscope, taken apart into pieces, corrected, improved and packed again as an upgraded, ready to be launched, reinforced project.
We work only with startup projects we believe in! ♥
Please keep in mind the following:

Not all the startups who apply for our services can get our support. The demand for our services is much higher than our current capacity. Especially given the fact that we work with deep involvement in the project, which requires committing lots of time and resources from our side. That is why to keep the excellent quality of our services we have to limit the quantity of the projects we work with simultaneously.

We work only with startups who match the following criteria:

* Great idea, valuable product and high market potential.
We work only with projects we believe in!

** Innovative technology, product or service
Our mission is to help innovations become our reality, supporting innovative startups in development, funding and market entry. Our investors are also interested in promising innovative startups. That is why, even if we support and appreciate all kinds of entrepreneurship activities, our main competences and areas of professional interests lie in the field of innovations.

*** Motivated founders.
We won't do your work and develop the whole business for you. But we will do everything to teach and train you, to show you the right direction, to support you with fundraising, business planning and execution, to give you all the skills necessary to succeed. From your side we need strong motivation, willingness to learn, strong commitment to success and readiness to contribute 100% of your time and forces to reach the goals.

Don't hesitate to contact us and request a free consulting session and diagnostics of your project. And be prepared for the "uncomfortable" questions and honest answers! ;)
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