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Startup Booster is the first comprehensive video guide for startups!

It consists of step-by-step instructions on all main stages and actual tasks of startup development and growth.

Every video lesson includes practical recommendations, useful tips, real cases and lifehacks from active investors, serial entrepreneurs and market experts.

Created by the global startups and investors direction InnMind.
Startup Booster is:
Experience of 30+ speakers
Our set of speakers includes active VC and selected angel investors, serial entrepreneurs and startup founders, experts in startup marketing, startup assessments, tax & legal issues, growth hacking and other fields.
100 video lessons
With specially designed content. Each of them is about a specific case and actual problem of startup development and growth. Intensive course about every stage: from idea design to viral growth and expansion.
20 min: intensive learning
Each lesson is up to 20 minutes, which is proved to be the most efficient and convenient timeframe for learning!
New real cases
In each video lesson. Without bla-bla and boring theory, only practice, advice and lifehacks.
Available on all devices
Watch lessons wherever you want and where it is most convenient for you: iOS, Android, web, YouTube, iTunes, and of course - read the review of every lesson on InnMind.
Answers to the real startups questions
Unique content is based on the most actual questions from the real startup founders. We tell about and teach the things which are really important for you!

For whom is the Startup Booster created?

For startup founders
who seek the new ways to push their business to the next level, fresh view and expert advice on the most efficient strategies and tactics of startup development and growth, growth hacks and life hacks.
For innovative entrepreneurs
willing to expand to the new markets, grow to the next level, solve current problems and challenges, overcome growth barriers, win competition and succeed in a fight for the market leadership.
For those who are seeking new opportunities
proactive and open-minded people, who are just thinking about entering the startup journey, willing to found their own startup or to join the team of the existing project. Those who need to understand the startup industry and its life-cycle, learn about risks and opportunities to make the right decision.
For prospective newbies
who are challenging the tasks at the stages of project launch, startup foundation, business model design, team building, fundraising and variety of other questions regarding innovative business development in the first time.
Why does a startup need an accelerator?
Tal Catran, Acceleration Guru, TEDx Speaker, talks about the role of an acceleration program for a startup, about mentorship and startup support:

  • What is an accelerator and what is the main goal of an accelerator?
  • What should a startup expect from startup accelerators and what do the founders have to do themselves?
  • At which stage can a startup address to an accelerator?
  • Is it a good idea for a startup to go to several startup accelerators in a row, one after another?
  • How much time is a startup expected to invest into acceleration program?
  • Should a startup be afraid of an accelerator taking up control over the project?
  • Is there any guarantee of the results after an acceleration program?
  • Top startup accelerators in the world and in major regions.
Find more details and insights from the video here
Tal Catran
Discussing the value of a startup accelerator for the startups
Marketing in a startup
In this video Donatas Jonikas, the author of Startup Evolution Curve, Ph.D. in Economics, gave answers to the questions:

  • How does marketing for a startup differ from marketing for a medium or big company?
  • When is it necessary to think about marketing for the startup?
  • Should there be a marketing expert among founders or just anyone can do marketing?
  • What to start marketing activities with?
  • What are the most important steps?
  • What do startups miss in their marketing strategies? Name 3 typical mistakes.
  • How much budget should a startup dedicate to marketing?

Find more details and insights from the video here
Donatas Jonikas, Ph.D.
Explaining how startups can save marketing budget
Topics of the next episodes:
Investors and start-ups
What are the types of investors and forms of investment in a startup?

How and where to look for an investor?

How to negotiate and communicate with the investor?

How to avoid typical mistakes in fundraising?

How to conduct due diligence and make a startup assessment?
Marketing and Promotion
Marketing without a budget and Neuromarketing.

How to promote your startup in social media?

Specifics of promotion in Facebook, Vkontakte, Instagram, Linkedin and other social media.

How to develop a marketing strategy and implement it with minimal costs?

PR in a startup: how to work with the mass media?
Startup Team
How to build a successful team?

Startup and leadership: how to run a startup?

How to manage a remote team?

How to motivate founders and employees?

Where can I find the strength to take on the earth and win the competition?
Sales in the startup
How to build a sales funnel?

How to find first customers and make the sales?

Specifics of selling innovative products and services.

How to involve and retain customers?
Startup construction
What is a startup and how is it different from traditional business?

How to create an MVP and bring a new product to the market?

How to make a business plan and develop a business model of a startup?

How to launch a product?

How to enter foreign markets?

What is lean startup and how to follow this concept?
Legal Aspects
What documents should be prepared for investments?

What are options?

How to split shares in a startup?

How to register a start-up and provide the most favorable terms in the legislation and taxation?

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