Technology & Talent Scouting

Looking for digital solutions to speed up your business? InnMind is #1 global ecosystem for startups with the latest innovation and technology capacity which can stimulate your business efficiency & productivity by finding the most suitable tech solutions & talent.
Startup Pipeline
Active startups in the network that is growing exponentially on a daily basis
Countries covered, including North & Latin America, Africa, Europe, Asia and other regions
Years of professional expertise since 2015
Industries connected to technological solutions, starting from fintech to foodtech & agritech
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What can we come up with?
Our solutions
Looking for effective tools or new solutions in the tech field can be time-consuming and resource-intensive. We help integrating fresh talent & new technologies into the existing work processes of your company or organisation. We work with our own pipeline of startups and a network of global partners to come up with outstanding international solutions in different industries.
Technological Scouting
Our funnel exceeds 10,000+ talented startup teams from 78+ countries which is growing on a daily basis. Our wide network of partners allows us to find a perfect match for any corporate or investment goal.

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Entrepreneurs Training Programs
InnMind holds regular events, summits, local meetups and startup acceleration events, which can serve as a ready pool of technological solutions & talent. Direct opportunities of pre-selection of the participants prior to the event, networking interactions and possibilities of closing a deal during the program.
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Open Calls & Challenges
The organisation of Hackathons, Startup Competitions and Innovation Challenges is one of the best ways of finding the desired tech talent & relevant solutions. InnMind helps to organise full cycle online events & competitions & challenges based on the specific innovation needs of your organisation.

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How does it work?
1. Defining your current goals and what kind of solutions you are looking for
2. Discussing the most effective way of reaching your goals using our capabilities & network
3. Creating a specific set of criteria and characteristics for the campaign launch (geography, motivation for applicants, stage of development, technological robustness, etc)
4. Setting up the scouting process (identifying relevant channels, optimizing funnel structure, confirming selection process and assessment methodology, etc)
5. Getting a funnel of innovators & selecting the most suitable solutions

We are trusted by the leading VCs & Investment funds

Mareme Dieng
Head of Partnerships & International Relations at Draper University
From Draper University, working with InnMind is a unique opportunity to contribute to innovation worldwide. With a dedicated team and incredibly creative CEO, InnMind is supporting entrepreneurs all over the world and creating opportunities for tech startups from all sectors. Draper University is proud of its partnership with InnMind.
Martin Gurria
Senior Innovation Consultant at The World Bank
InnMind is an excellent company that we have strategically partnered in the Agriculture Innovation Challenge 2020. The team was very professional and helped us to scout diverse solutions in the field of agriculture & food security risk financing. The experience of having InnMind as a partner was undoubtedly great. InnMind demonstrated a high proficiency in providing a valuable support to make this World Bank's initiative a true success. It was a joy to work with InMind.
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