Bootstrap Marketing
for Startups

You should start to prepare your marketing strategy the same time when you work on your product. If you do it after product release - it is already too late...
Donatas Jonikas, CEO of Marketologai, author of Evolution Curve
We help startups to employ growth hacking techniques and best social media marketing experience as an effective way to promote new products & services and reach new clients.

Save your budget and time and focus on your product
while we'll do marketing for you!
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More visitors
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More clients
for your product/service
More people
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Why do you need bootstrap marketing?
More customers
We will help you reach wide audience and tell them about your product through social media. We can make the story of your product and distribute it to your target customers, using the most effective internet channels to reach them.
Brand awareness
One of startups problems is that you're new and nobody knows about your company. Social media have the power to spread the word about your company to the world. We'll use it to build solid reputation of your company.
We can't make them love your product, but we can make them love your brand ;)
Save your budget
We implement growth hacking techniques to bring our clients results with minimum budget.
It will cost you 2-3 times less than hiring a marketing manager and 10 times less than hiring a marketing agency!
We'll grow your traffic and customers base without wasting your funds.
Our team has over 15 years of accumulated experience working with startups and innovative products. We know everything about business processes, marketing and promotion in startups.
We can kelp you to avoid major mistakes many founders do when they launch marketing activities and reach your goals through marketing efforts.
Our customers say:
In a short period of time the project got marketing strategy and started its public life from scratch. Wow!
I was very curious how InnMind works with the projects. It was not a single Project manager who takes the order and implement it behind the scenes. We work very close with Nelly and Kate who was always in touch and happy with my questions! So, this is a very positive experience and I hope this collaboration will give positive results for both of us!
Igor Mineev
Founder and CEO of Bizi Apps
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Here are some most Frequently Asked Questions that startups address to us about marketing services:
If I didn't find the package which suits me, can you provide individual consulting and services?
Why not? Drop us a message on and describe your case and needs, or let's schedule a 15min Skype call to discuss the details.
How can I pay for services?
You can pay with your Paypal account, bank card or we can send you an invoice.
Will I reach 1 mln paying customers after purchasing 1 month marketing services?
Working with innovations and startups, we believe that nothing is impossible, but this question is out of wild expectations. If we could do it - we'd receive the Nobel prize in Marketing (and yes, in this case they would make this nomination for us!). Marketing is a way which will bring you to the goal only through regular activities.
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