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3 mistakes you're probably making right now
Listing your startup on many websites, hoping for a miracle
The problem is that those startup listings and databases… they are static. Unless an investor trips over a rock and stumbles on your profile, you will not be even noticed. Plus, you need a more targeted approach, same as with sales ;)

Get automatic push notifications sent to investors that match your startup funding needs.
Cold messaging Investors on Linkedin/email/social media
Investors receive hundreds of emails and messages just like yours every day. Why should they open yours…. and respond to it? And when receiving a message from investors on LinkedIn, how can you be sure they are not scammers?

Find and connect with the right investors from our network of 1200+ active and verified VC's and CVC's.
Self-educating with
online resources
Running a Google search for startup valuation gives you 31,200,000 results, how to build a pitch deck has 17,000,000…You're investing hours filtering through the resources online but how confident are you in not blowing it when you talk to investors?

Put your best self out there! Tell a great story backed by solid financials, and be ready for the hard questions.
Oskar Stachowiac
Managing Partner at The Untitled Ventures
An ecosystem where hundreds of VC's and CVC's participate. Innmind operates in the field where there is no shortage of competitors that offer networking/ investment in technology companies, however, from our experience at The Untitled Ventures, Innmind has been able to attract some of the best technology start-ups and create an ecosystem where hundreds of VC's and CVC's participate. Besides the clear desire by the founding team to help entrepreneurs fulfill their dreams, Innmind has created a very affordable and sensible model that keeps technology companies happy as well as the investors.
Mareme Dieng
Ex-Investor Associate at Draper University
Draper University is proud of its partnership with InnMind.
Working with InnMind is a unique opportunity to contribute to innovation worldwide. With a dedicated team and incredibly creative CEO, InnMind is supporting entrepreneurs all over the world and creating opportunities for tech startups from all sectors.
Chris Perry
Founder at CommX
An amazing euro based, but globally minded startup/VC network. A good stream of content and high quality media coverage/exposure for people and startups in the InnMind Network. E.g. The great sales/ revenue presentation with Veeam (a proven startup success), and the demo Shark Tanks that helped us hone our story and hear thoughts from a VC perspective (useful for startups to hone and battle test their ideas so ultimately when the time comes to raise for real, you've had your ideas tested via InnMind VC guests). Overall positive vibe and friendly and supportive staff. It's a great network to work with and be a part of.
Fundraising doesn't have to
mean 'putting your business on hold'.
You are good at developing your business, but you are not an expert at raising money, correct?
Real investors find you
Only real qualified investors (mandatory verification)

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Find and connect with our 1200+ active and verified investors and International Corporate VC's

Advanced search engine with unlimited profile views

Access to 13k+ startups to get your proof of concept, collaborate or find prospects for your business.
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Fast-tracked applications for:

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  • Hubspot CRM (up to 90% discount)
  • Amazon Credits (up to X)
  • and many more...

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Online private mentoring for your startup

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If you need to learn the investor lingo, get your documents polished, and feel confident about kick-starting your fundraising journey, this is for you.

Get your profile noticed by relevant investors, find and connect with the right investors for your startup, practice your pitch, and get investment savvy with the best fundraising resources. Participation in the monthly VC Shark Tank included!

Hyper-personalized match-making to get funded quickly without having to pay a success fee.
Keep in mind that you only need one investor!
Network, build relationships early, pitch to everyone who will listen, learn and share your story in public.
What's an hour of your time worth?
Save yourself hundreds of hours and avoid the countless silly mistakes.
Get investor ready
Verification Call included (valued at $15)

Access to profiles of 13k+ startups to find prospects for your business or partnership deals

Fast applications to 40 accelerators including ImpactHub & Berkley Skydeck

Your startup profile visible to the network of 50k+ members

Find and connect with our 1000+ active and verified investors and International Corporate VC's (unlimited profile views)

Pitch deck, executive summary, legal, term sheets and business modelling templates

Connect with the best freelancers and companies in our network of 2,000+ experts

Access to exclusive Talks and Workshops

Startup Valuation Calculator

Fast-tracked application for up to $5,000 in AWS credits

Access to the members-only chat with 15 of the InnMind's most valued investors and experts

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Accelerated growth and Fundraising
  • All the features from Fundraising
  • + Personalized match-making with Corporate Venture Capital investors & Corporate business units and warm intros when there is a match
  • + Featuring your profile in dedicated newsletters to VCs & CVCs with matching investment criteria
  • + 6 months of free access to Zendesk Support Suite and Sales CRM
  • + Special conditions & discounts for startup events by InnMind & Partners
  • + 60min/month in personal consultation with InnMind experts
  • + Fast-track application to pitch to the InnMind Investment Committee for a syndicate round
€199 / month
/ user / month, billed annually
Become a unicorn
Thank you so much for setting up the intros. We are very pleased with the investor caliber.
— Larissa Posner, CEO @ StyleScan
Join the 1,000 new startups every month
Harvard for startups!
Alina Kornienko
Co-founder at quppy
A Swiss tool for startups
Stanislav Stolberg
Founder at Photochain
InnMind is like a SUPER ADVISOR, that advisor friend who has many contacts. You can count on them whenever you need to and they are always providing the opportunity for you to learn more about various things related to your business or to expand your network.
Diego Scaiano
Co-founder at NU
A pro-sports team that thrives to get startups to meet their goals! InnMind is a forward thinking partner that allows a founder to not worry about how to meet investors or what resources do startups need in order for them to be successful. This is because InnMind take startups on a journey through their networks, plus they have a wealth of experience and are globally recognized.
Watson Matsa
Co-founder at esusfarm
A friendly bridge between you and the investors.
Founder at Liveroom
One of the most energizing and high powered ecosystem for founders. Innmind is like a behind the scenes accelerator for any founder with resources, mentors and a community to support the growth of an early stage company.
Rama Rao
Co-founder at bloqcube
Strong global and local execution capability. InnMind is an open minded organization with good people having strong global and local execution capability to connect business and technology innovation in order to create a mutually beneficial ecosystem for entrepreneurs, startups and investors around the world. WeExpand is happy to collaborate with them and recommend them to anyone.
Raymond Mak
Founder at WeExpand
Interconnectivity. I really like to work with the InnMind Platform due to its interconnectivity with various types of Businesses around the World.
Musa Mani
CTO at DeusVPN
CEO at InnMind

The most proactive founders always win.
In all the deals closed successfully in our network, the founders used every single resource we provide. And when they needed something, they asked for it. We are here to help, to open doors & speed up the process. But that doesn't mean you just sit there, waiting for someone to make your startup a success.
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