GeoDB - decentralized peer-to-peer big data sharing ecosystem, which returns value to its creators, the users.
€2,000,000 funding round is live
Product Purpose
GeoDB Ecosystem
Data has become the new digital oil. A high value asset class on top of which huge digital companies have built extremely profitable business models. But for some reason, undoubtable values were forgotten and left behind along the way. Privacy, control, transparency or value. YOU, the people, and their interests were abandoned. GeoDB is here to change this, building better and trusted relationships between market participants.

GeoDB is the first global big data marketplace, that will reward users for the data generated.
GeoSuite - Developers, users, buyers & BD companies will interact within the ecosystem through the geoSuite.

Capture SDK - Data uploaders who are the users of third party applications will upload Data to the Ecosystem through the Capture SDK, which will connect those applications to GeoDB ecosystem.

GeoMarket - Data buyers will buy data sets through the GEO Market, connecting directly data sellers with data buyers.

GeoDB AppStore - GeoDB will create an open app store where we'll give access to BD analytical tools to run on top of users' data collected though GeoDB ecosystem
Market Analytics
The International Data Corporation (IDC) forecasts that worldwide revenues for big data and business analytics solutions will reach $260 billion in 2022 with a Compound Annual Growth Rate(CAGR) of 11.9% over the 2017-2022 forecast period
$200 bln
The size of the statistical & consultancy side of the Big Data Market
Market YoY Growth
Companies that plan to invest in Big Data Analytics
Data Tokenization
A new data economy based on the existence of a digital tradable asset that immediately eliminates friction and boundaries in the market, increasing speed, efficiency and transactionability between market participants. GEODB Token (ERC777) becomes its representation of data value itself in the form of a tradable virtual asset.

Token Reward - high initial Token reward distribution.
Costs - low data acquisitions costs.
Scalability - high scalable organic growth model.
Duration - the reward system reloads every 21 years. 10% daily recycling pool.
Market Approach - participants are rewarded in the origin creating a unique market approach.

Business Model & Revenue Streams
Tokens - GeoDB will be selling data from the marketplace in exchange for GEO Tokens and at the same time developing its data generator apps for end users. GeoDB will be charging a transaction fee from every data purchase deal in the form of GEO tokens.

Transaction fee for analytical platforms - GeoDB will be developing its proprietary Big Data analytical platforms and tools that will run on top of GeoDB's protocol Data, the usage of which will generate transactional/licensing/subscription fees for GeoDB.

Token to FIAT exchange commission - GeoDB will offer conversion services of GEO tokens to FIAT currencies (and visa versa) in order to facilitate data purchase to end clients, who are not used to operate with digital assets. GeoDB will apply a commission fee over those transactions.

GeoDB AppStore - as operator of AppStore GeoDB will charge a license fee, which will be paid by big data service providers integrating their solution in the AppStore.
Sales Plan
A few companies building a different value proposition
Team & Founders
4 entrepreneurs with 20+ years experience in Digital & BD Markets
Luis Gelado

Founder & CEO
Sacha Gordillo

Founder & COO
Manuel de la Esperanza
Founder & Advisor
Francisco Gordillo

Founder & Advisor
Targeted Data Buyers
Primary product consumers should be analytical companies who are interested in raw-data, but on a later development stage - companies who are looking for valuable insights based on user-friendly GeoDB Ecosystem analytics without having special tools involved to build it. Amongst the buyers are Market Analysts, Marketers, Large Corporations & SMEs, Researchers, Urban planners.

1. Raw Data - buy, download and use data externally with a full ownership.

2.1. Data & Analysis - buy data sets + analytical capabilities to analyse acquired information, all in one place.

2.2. Analytical Capabilities - buy analytical capabilities through GeoDB app store to analyse your own data.
Current Partners for User Data Acquisition
Potential ecosystem participants - Social Networks 15%, Telecom Companies 4%, Retail Consumption 26%, Mobility 45%, Others 10%
About Goods
A tech company transforming data from physical and digital events into business intelligence. Innovating to understand consumer behaviour.
Nisgo, the reference Location Intelligence company for Geomarketing, Expansion, Large Consumption and Real Estate businesses.
Flame Analytics
In-store analysis solution and omnichannel marketing. The complete tool with heatmaps, wifi analysis, people counting, queue managing and many others.
A company based in Argentina and Colombia with more than 11 years experience at Data Integration, Big Data Display, Data Mining, Predictive Analytics and Data Science.
Rate & Grade
A powerful tool that gathers, channels, links and manages value data improving client and staff experience, whilst contributing to speedy and accurate decisions by the managers.
Join GeoDB Investment Round
€2 mln
€1,5M - 1st funding phase closed, November 2018
€1,5M - 2nd funding phase closed, June 2019
€2M-3M - 3rd funding round is now open

Round Conditions:
  • 15.000.000 GBP
  • Pre-money valuation/13,28GBP per Share
  • 1GEO * 0,17GBP
  • Investors will receive a GEO Token bonus
Funds Allocation:
  • 45% Development,
  • 10% Business Development,
  • 35% Marketing,
  • 10% Operations, Customer Service next year (2021)
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