Startup funnel and due diligence for investors
Who are we?
InnMind is an international company, founded in Switzerland and connecting investors with startups in over 40 countries worldwide. Our mission is to contribute in facilitation of investment activity on the global startups scene. We believe that investment activities should be fuelled not by increase in quantity of deals, but by increase in quality of innovative startups who are fundraising and, thus, by reduction of investment risks. We work with different types of investor: private investors, venture capital firms and business angels, helping them in search, evaluation, due diligence and many other preparatory activities on the pre-investment stage.
Why should you choose us?
Selection of startups
There are thousands of startups from 40+ regions in InnMind database. And every day dozens of new projects join InnMind. We also collaborate with startup hubs and accelerators in many regions in the world, receiving new promising startups from additional channels. This huge and well-developed infrastructure helps us to find interesting relevant startups according to any investor's request.
Deep assessment
In addition to investment analysis and detailed due diligence, we also provide support to the startup teams in their further development after fundraising. We observe, assess and correct their weak points to increase startups' chances for success. We know exactly what to pay attention to in order to increase your investment benefits and reduce risks of investment in innovative startups.
Economy of resources
How many resources do you spend while preparing selected startup projects for investment committee? We help you to save your resources while solving the variety of your investment tasks: including creation of the high-quality startup funnel, based on your pipeline criteria, due diligence and startup assessment, investment analysis and preparation of startups to the presentation for investment committee.
Services for investors
What do we propose?
Services for investors is a very special direction of our activities, because what we do is unique in the market.

There is a variety of intermediaries in the market, who propose to seek startups for you. But who of them agrees to take the responsibility for the quality of projects they find? Who can reduce your investment risks by deep evaluation and further support in startup development? Who can help you to find co-investors to share risks and make joint investments? In this regards, InnMind is a unique infrastructure for investors who are working with innovative startups, and we're proud of it!

It is always better to present the cases, instead of wasting words for general descriptions, that is why we provide below the examples of our most demanded services for investors.
For VC and corporate investors
Preparation for investments
How many of your selected projects finally were presented in front of the investment committee? And how many resources did you spend to prepare them, including preparation of the documents, polishing the pitches and presentations, coaching startup founders, ...?

► We are doing all this stuff to prepare the startup from the funnel to the investment committee.

► We prepare the whole package of documents, polish the pitch and presentation, prepare founders to answer all the questions, necessary to take investment decision.

► We have our own developed templates and forms, which we use during this work, but we can also prepare the projects analysis according to your internal rules and templates, used in your company.
For VCs, private investors and business angels
Startup assessment
We don't focus on technological expertise - there are a lot of experts with scientific background to manage this part. What we do is complex expertise and assessment of startup projects from the point of view of minimisation of startup risks.

What does it mean?

We analyse all the aspects of current startup stage which influence the business perspective, including:
► market analysis,
► competition analysis,
► business plan,
► financial plan,
► business model,
► marketing strategy analysis,
► competition strategy analysis.
In addition, we use our own methodology of startup founders and team assessment, including assessment of internal competences and communications in the team.

We analyse current startup stage, its market potential, SWOT, competitors and alternative products/services, ability of the founders to manage startup team and project development. This allows to evaluate projects perspectives and make investment analysis, while early assessment of project weak points allows to determine potential risks and fix them in advance to minimize investors' risks.
Why are we special?
Support startup business after investment
After investing in a startup every investor wants to be sure that founders will take right decisions and will manage business effectively. Accelerators, mentors and external experts can coach project on its early stage, when startup needs to demonstrate traction to investors. We work with startup teams after investing, supporting the team, correcting their development, helping to avoid mistakes and controlling their team efficiency.
Support during the next investment round
InnMind network includes over 400 investment funds, VC firms and business angels, who pay attention to our supported startups. This makes it much easier to find interested investors for the next investment round, when startup will need additional funds for scaling and market expansion.
International competences
Thanks to global InnMind activities and its presence in over 40 regions worldwide, in our network there are experts with all the key competences on the main markets, technology sectors and industries. This allows us to involve relevant experts both for startup assessment during due diligence and for startup development support after the investment round. Such unlimited access to the key international competences is one of our competitive advantages and beneficial factor for our clients.
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