#Covid19 effect on VC Market: STARTUP SURVIVAL GUIDE

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In Chinese, the word "crisis" is composed of two characters. One represents "danger" and the other represents "opportunity".
How to run a startup in the coronavirus time?
How to approach investors in a virtual mode?
What is going to happen next with my business?

Let's find the answers together!

InnMind presents a series of insightful content developed together with top VC investors, serial entrepreneurs and key market players to help you find relevant pieces of advice and expertise to keep pushing your business forward during these turbulent times!

The Voice Of Startups

We would also like to hear from you: how you cope with the crisis, transform your business-models and product offers, enter new segments and markets, what kind of problems you encounter. We want to help you keep your traction and find new opportunities using our network and resources.

We will talk to startup founders with the most interesting cases and include their stories in our series of interviews with the leading investors and market experts.

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Investors' Opinion
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Antifragile Startup: how to survive during crisis

Recent posts and written interviews with venture investors and serial entrepreneurs about startups development, survival and fundraising strategy during the crisis times.

Watch the latest interviews with investors & leading market players

Listen to the investors' opinion on how to get over the Corona crisis and which new market niches & business perspectives arise in new circumstances.

Startups' Opinion
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Opportunities for startups
InnMind Support

Watch the latest interviews with startup teams & founders & experts

Listen to the startups' opinion on how to get through the crisis, which business activities to follow now, how to avoid typical mistakes and gain experience.

Featured Online Opportunities For Startups

Explore more opportunities available online to push innovation and your business forward despite the corona pandemic!
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