About InnMind

We want to be closer to you: learn more about our awesome team,
our history, goals and motivation!
InnMind is not just a website - it is a unique ecosystem of like-minded people, inspired by innovative entrepreneurship, business driven technologies and idea of changing the world.
We started to work on the project in the spring 2015.
Since that time we, as many other startups, made tons of mistakes (that is why we can teach you now how to avoid them) and finally launched online beta in March 2016
Swiss and Global
InnMind is legally run by Innovare Digital s.a.r.l., a Swiss company registered in Canton de Vaud.
Our team members live in Switzerland, Belarus, Russia, Ukraine and speak at least 5 different languages
Investors Relations
We invested all our money in InnMind development, but it was not enough. Being very lucky, we successfully raised business angel's investment.
Our investor is the coolest guy startups could dream about! And we never considered anyone else to be on his place :)

Meet our awesome team:

Nelli Orlova - crazy positivist, passionate about dogs & startups, idea turbine & InnMind CEO

"Nelli tries to find sense in chaos and never, never gives up."
Hleb Rubanau - strategic-minded geek, lean modelist, who makes tight things simple, coding guru & InnMind CTO

"Mr Robot is a weak newbie in comparison with Hleb."
Katerina Voronova - structurizing & planning everything, makes magic through marketing, energetic sparkle & InnMind CMO
"Kate hacked time - otherwise how can she handle tons of tasks at the same time?"

Stategic Partner
Nastya Chernetskaya - business engine, collaborator and negotiator, keeps calm and just makes things happen

"Nastya is a magician, transforming problems into opportunities."
Donatas Jonikas - treasure facilitator, superman who never gets tired to create value and generate ideas which really work

"Donatas is simply a genius who is able to find a diamond, getting rid of the trash"
Yuliya Voronevich - creative-minded communicator, speedy and positive, working non-stop and committed to change the world around

"Yuliya is an optimist, dealing with many tasks & always keeping just-do-it attitude"

InnMind is everywhere!
And here are some contacts where you can find us:
Office in Switzerland
Rue des fontaines, 5
1589 Chabrey
+41 79 862 7395

Office in Russia
ул. 1-ая Бухвостова 12/11
107076, Москва,
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